Shoe Fly

By The Editors
August 7, 2013 9:00 am

No laces.

In footwear circles, there’s no surer sign of summer.

So as the sun rides high through August, have a gander at our new favorite slip-on, the Kishtee from Singh and Son: a laceless, leather-soled pair of kicks to grace your doggies through summer and beyond, available now for pre-order.

This is basically your common Indian slip-on, but updated for beach and boating pleasure (they say it’s a boat shoe — Kishtee translates to “boat” in Hindi — but seriously, don’t get these wet: they’re leather).

They also wear well for casual outings (say, the beach) or more formal affairs, like a dinner party.

Singh and SonsAnd while geared toward the boat shoe/summer crowd, these are really “three-season, maybe four-season shoes,” says the S&S founder, depending on where you live.

Plus, they’re extremely lightweight, making them great for travel.

Currently available via pre-order in black, S&S will be offering more colors in the fall, and possibly additional footwear options in the near future.

But until then, you have the Kishtee. And you have to order by, well, today.

Time to step up.

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