10 Great Pairs of Shorts, None of Them Over 5 Inches in Length

It's finally time to make the 5-inch switch

Updated June 9, 2023 11:00 am
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Take it from us: all your shorts should be under 5".
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The 5-inch shorts revolution is no longer a funny novelty; it’s more or less universally recognized by everyone (see: women) that a thigh-bearing 5″ short short is vastly superior to oversized 9″ shorts or, even worse, the (gasp) dreaded below-the-knee number. There are exceptions, of course — Adam Sandler chief among them — but for your average joe, it’s high time to embrace the better-fitting style as your length o’ choice.

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In case you’ve yet to get the memo, or if you’re in need of some extended options, we’ve found 10 styles perfect for conquering the sweaty throes of summer. There’s literally no better time to make the 5″ switch; from Outdoor Voices to Only NY, here are a ton of options guaranteed to make a short shorts convert out of you yet. Shop 10 great pairs of shorts, none over 5″, below.

The Best 5″ Inseam Shorts for Men:

Like their Everywear pant cousins, Madewell’s cotton shorts are roomy and comfortable, with a drawstring waist and live-in look. Unlike their cousins, however, these bad boys are cropped at a sweet mid-high thigh length. You know what they say — 4.5 is the new 5.

Are your shorts better shooting hops or lounging on the couch? Nike makes sure you never have to make that decision.

J.Crew have officially cornered the market on old school prep, dressed up in the new skate-influenced aesthetic.

Athleisure giants lululemon may be best know for their sportier offerings, but the Bowline shorts look just as good at the bar as they do on the beach.

Corduroy? In summer? Fear not — if your shorts straight out of “Stranger Things”, then you officially get a pass.

These shorts are made with Tracksmith’s “Veloce Blend” nylon-elastane knit fabric. It’s lightweight, stretches easily and has a distinctive subtly heathered finish. It also has a polyester-spandex liner that wicks sweat and has a Polygiene treatment to prevent stink.

Not afraid to show some skin? These nylon Standard Cloth shorts are an affordable, sleek and lightweight summer short that’s super easy to style.

Like him or not, Jerry Lorenzo’s FOG is undeniably one of the hottest brands on the market, shorts included.

3″ inseam, checked to hell, looking like they just arrived from Sunday league? Yup, these’ll do just fine.

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