You Can Sweat Like a Dog in This Shirt and It Won’t Show

Great for: lie detector tests, first dates, public speaking

May 3, 2017 9:00 am

Have you heard? The world is heating up — scientists are now saying that the Arctic ice will be gone by 2040.

If it’s truly so, then we will need to adapt to those ensuing heatwaves. But in the meantime, in 2017, there’s Outlier’s new button down designed to show no traces of sweat.

They’re calling it the Southern Ramie Pivot, named after the fiber ramie, which hails from Asia. It has a natty texture akin to linen, and is woven at 200 grams per square meter of fabric. The shirt is supposed to pull heat away from you if you’re in a hot and humid climate (less so when it’s dry out).

We tested it out on a 90-degree day in L.A. — unseasonably warm for spring — and it was too dry to get a real read on the above claims. However, it was comfy and we didn’t sweat. Could it have been the shirt? Perhaps.

Your correspondent is 5’8, 165 pounds and has broad shoulders so the medium cut falls to the middle of the fly on his pants. It’s a bit roomy, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. The faded dye is still rich, and it’s very comfortable.

East coasters and southeners alike may want to consider this as part of their casual summer shirt arsenal.  

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