Review: SAXX’s Newest Underwear Is Built for Better, Breezier Sleep

New Droptemp tech promises a breezy fit. Better yet, it delivers.

November 6, 2023 12:56 pm
a collage of Saxx Droptemp underwear on a stary background
Saxx's DropTemp tech promises better sleep. Does it deliver?
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From guzzling Sleepytime to popping fistfuls of melatonin, humans have been trying to find solutions to a better night’s sleep since the days when white noise came from sabertooth tigers, not $400 machines. Enough so that the issue has spawned a whole industry of products and methods, all dedicated to helping you claim your much-needed eight hours. But even for the most hardcore ZZZ fanatics, I bet you probably never expected to end up sifting through a SAXX underwear review for the cure-all. And yet, here we are.

All jokes aside, I wasn’t clickbaiting you with the headline. The latest from Vancouver-based SAXX — a DTC underwear brand built on cupped design and irreverent branding — promises not only optimized sleep, but a whole new underwear experience. DropTemp, SAXX’s priority cooling tech, is specially crafted to “boost your body’s natural cooling capacity by evaporating your sweat, without the use of chemical cooling treatments,” according to the brand. This should mean that, beyond keeping you cool and dry during the day, SAXX’s DropTemp underwear ensures an optimal resting body temperature, an incredibly important factor in nailing that perfect night of restful sleep.

Underwear that fits well and keeps you uniformly cool sounds far too good to be true, which begs the question, is it? To put the question to bed, I put SAXX’s DropTemp underwear to the test and put myself to bed, too. Here’s what I found.

What Exactly Is DropTemp?

Before I get into the actual wear-testing portion of the SAXX underwear review, it’s worth taking a closer look at the new DropTemp in a bit more detail. The patented technology appears across a variety of SAXX products, from a modal-blend cooling cotton line to sleep-specific offerings like boxers and pants, and works by wicking, dispersing and evaporating sweat from the body. It genuinely does keep you dry, while allowing for operating in conjunction with the much-discussed BallPark Pouch — SAXX’s signature cupping feature that I’m a surprisingly big fan of — for an ergonomic and breathable fit.

a model in a pair of saxx droptemp underwear
Saxx DropTemp boxers wick sweat and keep things breezy.

How We Tested

All the tech specs, of course, are only a fraction of the actual experience, which is why I commandeered a few pieces from the DropTemp line — namely, the DropTemp Cooling Cotton Boxer Brief and DropTemp Cooling Sleep Pants — and tested their capabilities through an approximate week’s worth workdays and radiator-induced sweaty nights alike. A couple of notes to start; I took my true-to-size small, and, much like the SAXX website suggests, the fit on the boxer briefs was snug. This is something I prefer, but boxer bros beware. I suggest you double-check your sizing, and don’t be afraid to size up if you’re in between.

SAXX Underwear Review: How Did CoolTemp Perform?

Spoiler alert: this underwear kinda rocked. Right away, I was struck by the fit, which is stretchy, and vented in all the right places, and noticeably different from previous SAXX models. The material on the aforementioned Cooling Cotton Boxer Briefs is shocking cool to the touch, and while SAXX’s CoolTemp maintains the buttery soft feel that we dug in previous modal models, the blend — a mix of super-soft modal, cotton and a hint of elastane for stretch — is sleeker and less bunchy than your typical cotton joint.

Which is all well and good, but circling back to the ‘tonin-heads in the room, did it help me sleep better? Anecdotally, I’ll say absolutely. Even with a blazing radiator in my NYC apartment, I stayed cool and dry during the night, avoiding the pitfalls of a sweaty toss-and-turn boxer. I was likewise impressed with the DropTemp Cooling Sleep Pants, which fall somewhere between long-johns and lounge pants, and keep my legs covered during breezy nights without any of the typical sweatpant sweat.

a model in a pair of saxx droptemp underwear
Sleep in heavenly…boxers?

The Verdict: Are SAXX’s DropTemp Underwear Worth It?

At the end of the day, there’s no article of clothing more essential to your personal comfort than underwear, and SAXX’s newest DropTemp line brings a breezy option to the table that we can’t get enough of. While some fellas might be put off by the premium price tag, we’re sold on DropTemp…and more excited than ever to hit the hay. Shop my top picks from SAXX’s DropTemp line below, and happy snoozing.

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