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By The Editors
July 12, 2013 9:00 am

Before backpacks, before fanny packs, before some cretinous swaggerjack coined the term “murse,” there was the leather briefcase.

It was tough, it was professional and it was stylish. Meant you were coming from someplace important, or going someplace you were needed.

Get that feeling back with Satchel & Page: crafters of gorgeous, ‘40s-styled leather briefcases and bags, now available for pre-order.

Constructed by a small team of Austin bagmakers, S&P crafts “heirloom quality” leather satchels inspired by early 20th century designs and WWII map bags.

Each bag is hand-stitched from a proprietary, vegetable-tanned cowhide twice as thick as the usual leather satchel (lucky you: they made an infographic).

Satchel and Page

These rugged totes, which include everything from mailbags to leather briefcases to pilot bags (just think of them as laptop bags), come with multiple built-in compartments and adjustable leather straps.

For now, they’re about half the cost of a similarly designed bag, at least during their Kickstarter phase.

And it’s worth it, considering how well the leather ages (“like a baseball glove, not a car seat”).

Plus, they’re guaranteed for life.

And maybe the next one.

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