The Locker Backpack Is Office-Friendly, Gym Clothes-Proof

See also: laptop will not touch workout shorts

July 28, 2017 9:00 am

The problem with most backpacks is two-fold: One, they’re either meant for the gym or for work. One is too stylish for the gear, the other is too rugged for the office. And two, I’m terrified that my rank gym clothes are going to moisten up my laptop into a state of musty disrepair.

But the LockerPack Lux 1.1 from RYU Apparel hears our struggles and has heeded our call.

Locker Pack (3 images)

It’s super-functional from the gym to travel to everyday life.

Highlights include:

  • A drop-front opening providing easy access
  • A top locker loop making it easy to hang anywhere
  • Mesh pockets ensuring a place for all of the essentials
  • A molded internal shell for maintaining its shape, and
  • A laptop pocket can be accessed from back of pack

See also: laptop will not touch gym shorts.

The Vancouver-based brand has created an urban, tailored, multi-discipline pack for being both leisurely and all about business. It can take a beating, but it’s also worthy of strolling into a client meeting without feeling sheepish or being too back-to-school.

For $215, we’ll call that a steal.

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