Rhone’s New Loyalty Program Includes Some Legitimately Sweet Perks

Don't worry, there isn't a subscription fee

Rhone’s New Loyalty Program Includes Some Legitimately Sweet Perks

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Always have Rhone merch in or on the verge of being added to your cart? Good news. The activewear brand, a long-time favorite of InsideHook, just unrolled Rhone Rewards, a loyalty program that doesn’t require a subscription fee and actually offers some great perks.

Here’s how it works. First, take Rhone’s Style Quiz, a slideshow that’ll take your name, email, height, weight, sizes, preferred colors, and the brand names of other labels in your closet. Once completed, you’ll be registered for the program, and automatically eligible for free two-day shipping on every single order.

From there, every dollar you spend at Rhone will earn you a point. (Registering gives you an automatic 50.) Once you reach 250 points, you can redeem them for a free pair of boxers — they’re the real deal — and when you hit 500 points, you’ll earn a free $50 gift card, which is valid on any order at Rhone.com, or at a Rhone brick and mortar.

This is a rare instance where Rhone costing a pretty penny should work in your advantage. Buy a few $64 shirts before the summer, then a couple $128 commuter pants in the fall, and you’ll eclipse the 500 point gift card easily. We’re primarily excited about the two-day shipping, though, considering Rhone is one of the most reliable gift machine for the men in your life. This way you can wait until the very last minute, and still gift your dad/brother/uncle a pair of shorts they’ll cherish above all others.

Find more information on the program here.

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