Review: We Tested Indochino, the Popular Made-to-Measure Menswear Label

Need a suit for all those postponed weddings? Here’s how the brand stacks up.

June 29, 2022 12:57 pm
A group of men in Indochino suits walking down the street
You've heard about Indochino's rep, but how does the brand stack up?

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There’s a good chance your calendar is booked with a handful of weddings over the coming months. After postponing parties, engagements and ceremonies of all sorts for the greater part of two years, couples across the country are planning events en masse to hold the dream wedding they’ve so anxiously yearned for. And you, the humble guest, have likely been invited to more holy matrimonies than you could possibly imagine, but there’s one problem: you’ll need a suit.

As I accepted not one, not two, but three wedding invites over the months to come, I found myself in this predicament. I own a sharp sport coat, slacks and a handful of ties, but I’ve never actually attended a wedding in my life, and thus I’ve never really needed a suit for the occasion. To that end, I decided it was time to set myself up with a new ‘fit and the one label I’d heard of time and time again was top of mind: Indochino.

For a bit of context, Indochino got its start in 2007 as an online startup that served as one of the only web-based suit retailers in the country. Men could simply input their measurements online, pick their fabrics and styles from a catalog of options, and receive a fitted, custom-made suit that didn’t break the bank. Years later, the Canadian label began opening physical stores via pop-ups before installing permanent showrooms in major cities across the country. Today, it’s not uncommon for a guy to recommend Indochino when his brother, friend or groomsman needs a suit that looks good and doesn’t come with an eye-popping price tag, whether he prefers to shop online or visit a showroom. 

Like so many others, I had a lot of questions about an affordable, custom-made suit, which is why I took the plunge and ordered one from the brand. Here’s how the experience measures up.

The Fitting

There are a handful of ways you can get fitted for a suit at Indochino. The first option made sense in the midst of COVID — a step-by-step video guide that walks you through the process of measuring yourself at home, allowing you to order everything you’d need without so much as leaving the couch — but I figured my first fitting experience should be in-person. 

After booking an appointment online, I walked to the label’s Midtown showroom where a tailor helped me choose from different styles and fabrics. I made it clear that I’d never owned a suit before, which gave them a little context that helped us sort through the various options. For instance, I could choose between a two- or three-piece suit, a single- or double-breasted jacket, and whether I’d like the pockets open or sewn shut. While Indochino recommends you customize your suit online and show up in-person for measurements, I actually preferred the opportunity to see colors under natural light and touch fabrics as opposed to selecting elements on a screen.

Once the details were established, it took a mere 10 minutes to make any necessary measurements in the fitting room. I tried on a few bottoms when the time came to settle on a slim or regular dress pant, and the process was repeated for the jacket. Throughout the entire fitting, the tailor made sure I was comfortable with my selections, walking me through any questions or concerns I had regarding the fit and finish of every option. I was out the door with an order for a new suit in less than 30 minutes.

The Results

Indochino’s website states it should take anywhere from four to six weeks for your custom suit to ship, so keep this in mind if your formal event is looming. My suit was ready in only four weeks, but I elected to pick it up at the showroom to ensure it fit properly before taking it home.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical of a label that prides itself on high quality at an affordable price. I could name other ventures that pledged to deliver a great product without making you pay whatever the “other guys” charge, only to offer a sub-par product. 

But to my surprise, the exceptional quality and attention to detail rivaled that of other more recognizable menswear brands that are currently in my closet. For example, when I measured for the chinos, I asked that they be fitted and fall slightly below the ankle, and that’s what Indochino shipped. In fact, I didn’t need an alteration upon pickup and haven’t needed one since.

Is there an instance in which I wouldn’t recommend Indochino? Truthfully, the only reason I might endorse another label is if you’re short on time and need a suit ASAP. After all, custom-made garments like these take time to get right.

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