Deal: Buy Two Recycled Cotton Tees From Noah and Get One Free

Handsome, heavyweight T-shirts that are good for the environment

Noah Recycled Cotton Tees in orange, black and blue
Take your pick from classic or bolder colors.

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If there’s one thing Noah prides itself on, it’s making clothing that’s conscious of environmental waste. Case in point: the Recycled Cotton Tee. Cotton is a resource-intensive material, with the process of weaving it into fabric (that’s of substantial quality) capable of creating huge amounts of waste and a single factory producing as much as 500,000 pounds per week. In an effort to cut back on this, Noah uses 100% recycled cotton which makes for a soft-wearing shirt with a slightly textured feel.

Currently you can purchase two of the brand’s Recycled Cotton Tees and receive one free with code 1FREE, taking your pick from six different colors. While you still might feel like you’re paying a lot, the T-shirts will prove more than worth the cost, lasting through innumerable wear-and-wash cycles, proving to be a tee you can rely on time and time again. And besides, you’ll not only look good but feel good wearing them, knowing you’re not contributing to more waste harmful to the environment.

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