Is This the Perfect T-Shirt?

Perfectly fitted casualwear, via Stantt

August 17, 2016 9:00 am

The line that separates dressing casual from dressing like a slob is a fine one.

The key to staying on the right side of it? Taking the same care with your weekend wear as you do your office attire.

Stantt already solved the latter — they offer 75 sizes of dress shirts that pretty much fit every body type to a T — and now they’re bringing that same “perfect fit” tech to T-shirts, polos and casual button-ups.

Established a few years back in New York, Stantt began their operation by conducting thousands of 3D body scans of men to come up with an algorithm for sizing dress shirts. Using this proprietary data, the company offers 75 unique sizes that fit anyone with a chest size between 32” and 54” and a sleeve length between 28” and 40” (so, about 98% percent of you).

Same deal now goes for their casualwear.

Forget your threadbare baggy tee. Stantt’s custom polo shirts, T-shirts and washed button-ups offer the same advantages as their dressier companions: comfort, perfect fit, good price.

To buy: take three simple measurements at home — chest, waist, sleeve length — and input the numbers on their site. (If you’ve already input the data for the dress shirts, you can skip that part.)

In just seven days, Stantt will send you a shirt of your choice in one of their 75 sizes, guaranteed to fit (they offer free returns/exchanges).

For the current Kickstarter, Stantt is offering prices for about 30% less than retail. Expect delivery in October.

If you’re sticking with formal: the company’s dress shirts now come with four different collar types and two different cuff selections. And a line of blazers, denim and sweaters should be available by early next year, according to the company’s co-founder, Kirk Keel.

Soon, size will be everything.

At least in your wardrobe.

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