Patagonia Is Now Making 100% Recycled Clothes

‘You look like trash. But in a good way.’

November 29, 2016 9:00 am

Last May the Onion ran an article titled “Man’s Garbage to Have Much More Significant Effect on Planet than He Will.”

Funny though quite grim, because we all kind of know it’s true. On the one hand, we’re aware the environment is in decline thanks to our actions, yet on the other hand, we would really like to wear something new.

Patagonia, outdoor lovers and capitalists that they are, came up with a solution: make clothes from recycled materials.

They’ve now perfected that formula to the point that they’ve got a new line of gear made entirely from recycled materials: Re\collection, consisting of vests, pants, pullovers and jackets. All are done in repurposed wool, down, polyester and metals. Instead of heading for the landfill, these fibers are now put to good use.

The process also saves Patagonia from having to produce polyfibers from scratch, which saves water and reduces the need for harmful chemicals.  

Though the collection is smal, the silhouettes and colors (hunter green and black) are timeless, and once they get a knack for the process, they plan to implement it across their other collections.

We give ’em two thumbs up this holiday season.

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