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By The Editors
September 9, 2013 9:00 am

True story from the ‘60s: business casual started in Hawaii as Aloha Fridays.

Years later, Levi’s gets a hold of the idea and starts Dockers. Next thing you know, everyday dudes are wearing casual gear and — because hell, it’s casual — doing stuff like biking to work. Or wearing their hiking pants and jackets to the office.

And guess what. That gear ripped. It got ratty.

And that’s where the durable duds from Outlier come in. They’re built for active professional lifestyles, and they’re taking orders now.

Debuting this fall: The OG Blazer, a near impervious dress jacket, and the snazzy Air Forged Oxford, a super-soft cloth button-down that’s both sweat-proof and dirt-proof, thanks to a proprietary fabric.

Think less cotton, more “air texturized supplex fibers.” These are double-weaves, with one face on the inside and another outside. Result: the fabric stretches left and right and up and down. Inside is comfortable, outside is rugged.

Whichever of their products you like, be sure to click on the “notify of restock” button. You’ll need these e-mail alerts, since Outlier’s products are extremely limited and sell out quickly — sometimes within hours.

Because, hey, life is tough. Just like your wardrobe.

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