One for the Road

By The Editors
February 13, 2014 9:00 am

The motorcycle jacket is making a comeback.

Here to ensure you rock it well, and appropriately: ELMC, a new collection of classic-inspired moto wares, now taking orders.

ELMC’s the new offshoot of Eastman Leather Clothing, aka those Brit purveyors of vintage-style flight jackets.

That Brit heritage is noteworthy.

Brando made the look iconic circa ‘53. But unknown to most Americans, an entire sub-cult of “ton-up” boys (so-called because “doing a ton” was British slang for 100 MPH) adopted the leather jacket in the UK, which in turn influenced the punk rockers of the ‘70s.

So the leather jacket has roots across the pond, too.

Regardless, for this new line, Eastman returns to the ’50s-esque, Brando-influenced style that’s popular of late.


Which means vintage Buco helmets. Veg-tanned horsehide leather jackets. Sheepskin flight caps. Engineer boots. Leather tobacco pouches and saddle wallets.

And, like most master craftsmen, ELMC make themselves known in the details. Sixteen-gauge, four-ply cotton thread. Handmade corozo cats-eye buttons. Dull nickel zips.

Looks like you’re ready to hit the road.

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