Shirt for Brains

By The Editors
May 8, 2014 9:00 am

You know that whole Fitbit thing?

Wristband? Tracks your pulse, distance walked, calories burned, etc.?

Well this is a Fitbit, except it’s a shirt.

Introducing OMsignal, the first ever line of biometric exercise apparel, finally available today for pre-order.

This performance “smartwear” uses multiple sensors and conductive yarn to track a plethora of health and fitness stats.

Like heart rate, breathing rate/volume, steps and calories burned.

Even stress levels and “OM Fuel,” or how much energy you have left to work out.

These stats are then relayed to a little black box clipped into the shirt, which pairs with an iOS app to provide daily and weekly health metrics, plus suggestions for workout improvement.

Seriously, just watch the video. It’s like an Orwellian Big Brother, but doting, and in your shirt.

Also: less geeky than a chest strap. More accurate than a wrist monitor.

Currently available: an undershirt, a sleeveless, a casual T and a long-sleeve, in multiple color combos (and black). Equally effective as your new gym getup or a base layer under your workaday attire.

All items are moisture-wicking, odor-free and actually quite slimming.

Plus: you can wash ‘em like regular clothes.

Smart thinking.

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