Shearling Jacket Season Cometh. Prepare Accordingly.

Nine wool-trimmed coats to keep an eye on this fall

By The Editors
October 14, 2015 9:00 am

A material is rarely warm, soft and inherently manly. But shearling — that plush, pilly sheep’s wool that’s been adorning the lapels of bombers and winter jackets since before the first World War — manages it.

Traditional shearling jackets are what a man would wear when A) leather wasn’t quite warm enough or B) he was on a ski trip and wanted to break every neck in town. Recent years, though, have seen shearling trimming everything from corduroy to denim to more classic looks like leather, wool and canvas.

Herein: a selection of nine shearling jackets in a variety of styles for your Fall/Winter purchasing pleasure.

Acne Aiden, $2,700

Hell of a statement piece. An unlined shearling jacket with leather accents, this thing is a straight-up, undiluted, synthetics-free weather-buster. The navy version is more elegant, the beige is more of an eye-catcher. Pick your poison accordingly.

Vince Camuto Water Repellent Peacoat with Removable Shearling Collar, $350

This classic wool-blend peacoat is a serious bang-for-your-buck move. Fitted for a dude who’s built more like an old-school lumberjack than a Brooklyn hipster, so you know, heads up.

Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket, $98

This jacket is awesome: it comes in a flock (har) of materials and colors and it’s relatively inexpensive. The reason for the cost cut is partially that the collar isn’t made of true shearling; it’s sherpa, which means fake wool, so if your girlfriend is vegan, your search ends here.

Schott Classic B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket, $1200

If you saw the word “shearling” and immediately started lusting after a classic WWII bomber, this is the jacket you were picturing. Schott actually made the original bomber jackets for the military in the 1940s, and they still use the same turn-of-the-century fur traders’ sewing machines they used then. Safe to say that they keep it old school.

Saint Laurent Classic Flight Jacket, $5,000

If you want a classic bomber but you’re into labels and high price tags, Saint Laurent is making a seriously handsome version this season. This one combines luxury and functionality; it’ll slay you right through your whiskey-soaked heart.

Filson Wool Packer Coat
, $500

Manly as all get-out. Put it on and you will immediately pretend to be the Marlboro man, except for that whole encouraging-kids-to-get-mouth-cancer thing. Plus, it’s made by Filson, which means it will still be in great shape 30 years from now when your grandson wants to borrow it.

Valentino Reversible Jacket
, $4,500

This is a thing of beauty. A beige shearling body with blue sleeves and accents, it’s the ultimate grown-up varsity jacket.

ASOS Harrington with Faux Shearling Collar, £45 ($70)

This moto-inspired look is a hell of a deal for the price point. Won’t keep you warm past November unless you live in LA, but it’s a good-looking early fall option.

Balmain Shearling Leather Jacket, €2,100 ($2,360)

A stark and sexy motorcycle-style jacket that earns extra points with a warm shearling lining. Slender, fitted, stylish and ultra hip: it’ll make ‘em swoon whether you pair with the motorcycle or not.

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