Deal: Nike’s Throwback Killshot Sneakers Are on Sale for Less Than $60

Grab an unexpected discount on the Killshot OG SP

Nike Killshot OG SP sneakers
The Nike Killshot OG SP sneakers are on sale in both red and green.

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Take a moment and be thankful for the little things in life, like two-story holiday decorations, that someone had the brilliant idea to cast Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, and the fact that most guys are so unwilling to dress outside their comfort zone that those of us with at least an ounce of style can get discounts on sneakers that should have sold out long ago.

We’re talking today about the Nike Killshot OG SP, a return to form for a sneaker that J.Crew turned into menswear staple. The shoes are currently available for an unexpected discount of 34% off in both the green and red editions, ostensibly because guys are mostly buying them in the navy colorway (which doesn’t get the discount). Cowards.

What we’re dealing with here is an unimpeachably timeless silhouette with some nice details like suede overlays and old-school branding. We’re not necessarily saying you should buy both a red and green pair and wear one of each this holiday season, but we won’t stop you from doing that, either.

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