Here’s What You’ll Be Wearing When You Move to Mars

Looking good, Mr. Quaid

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

Whether blue is your color or not, that’s what you’ll be wearing on your trip to the Red Planet.

At least that’ll be the case if the stylish new spacesuits that Boeing just unveiled for the crew and passengers of the CST-100 Starliner — which heads to space in 2018 — are still around. Intended for use inside vessels such as the International Space Station or whatever the hell kinda ship Elon Musk ends up building, the five-pound Boeing Blue suit is 40% lighter than the duds NASA astronauts currently wear and has a hood-like soft helmet wired up for communication.

Boeing Spacesuits (3 images)

The pressurized suits feature layers of fabrics to keep astronauts cool, touchscreen-friendly gloves, slip-resistant boots and extra-wide polycarbonate visors that allow for better peripheral vision. “Spacesuits have come in different sizes and shapes and designs, and I think this fits the Boeing model, fits the Boeing vehicle,” said Starliner Crew director Chris Ferguson.

Whatever you say Fergie, as long as they fit us.

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