Boys Wear Jerseys. Men Wear These.

The official cashmere collection of the NBA has arrived

November 4, 2016 9:00 am

Unless you’re a pro athlete, a kid who idolizes one, or a woman who sleeps with one, you shouldn’t be wearing a jersey.

This is our stance, and we’re sticking to it.

It’s a maxim that holds especially true if we’re talking about the NBA, whose players are by far the best dressed in all of American pro sports. So if you wanna show true fandom, it’s best to get on their level.

The league is even willing to throw you an assist to help you do it. For its first ever foray into the luxury goods market, the NBA has partnered with LA knitwear brand Elder Statesman for a collection of logo-toting sweaters, T-shirts and scarves cut from high-quality cashmere.

Here’s the full-court press: this stuff ain’t cheap. The winter beanies start at $420, the T-shirts at $525, and the sweaters upwards of $1,620.

And according to an exclusive from Business of Fashion, it seems like a long-term deal with the league planning to introduce new products throughout the season “linked to the Christmas holidays, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in February 2017 and the NBA playoffs and finals in June.”

Question is: Which of the NBA’s most stylish men will been seen rocking the collection first? Will it be LeBron? Maybe it’ll be Russell Westbrook, or his fallen fashion comrade Kevin Durant? Or it could be Dwyane Wade sporting his hometown and new home.

Or, y’know, could be you.

The NBA x Elder Statesman collection is out now. Head on over to Barney’s to shop the full collection.

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