Nautica’s New Line Will Have You Reaching for Your Walkman

Now That's What I Call '90s Leisurewear Nostalgia!

September 20, 2017 9:00 am

In its heyday, Nautica ruled the streets and the sea.

This was in the ‘90s, when you’d readily see flashes of the sailboat logo on old moneyed white men in New England as you would the young hip-hop iconoclasts of New York’s budding streetwear scene.

If you haven’t noticed, those days are back. So back, in fact, that Nautica appointed Grammy-nominated teenage rapper Lil Yachty as Creative Director earlier this year. Go ahead and soak in the sweet irony of a heritage sailing brand naming a 19-year-old named Lil Yachty as its head of creative. The unlikely alliance came has led to a kind of a rebirth of the brand.

Which is great for the kids. But what about for the rest of us?

That’s where Nautica’s vintage archive collection comes in. This past week, Nautica released ten of its rarest vintage items online — the first of many drops to come. Because while Lil Yachty has the youth market covered, someone’s gotta think of their preppy elders!

The first drop included coveted classic like solid crewneck sweatshirts and button-ups, and my personal favorite: the bold colorblocked windbreaker. Also included: all the bold, retro patterns dominating today’s streetwear scene.

Most items are likely to sell out quickly — the Nautica resale market, surprisingly, is a hot one— so you’ll wanna keep tabs right here.

If anything, perhaps it’s time to hit the storage unit and dig for your old Nautica gear and show the kids what’s what.

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