Deal: Miansai Chains Ooze Sophstication. A Bunch Are on Sale at Shopbop Men.

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So you want to rock a chain. These are treacherous waters. One wrong decision and you could wind up looking like a Backstreet Boy. Luckily, Miansai has the perfect answer to the age-old question: How do I wear this necklace without looking like an idiot? The low-key jewelry brand has pared-back, minimalist takes on chains, pendants and necklaces, making their styles easy to wear without feeling too mafioso.

Right now, Shopbop Men has tons of these handsome accessories on sale at 30% off, which means you can save a pretty penny on some already affordable styles. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite chains and pendants to wear with everything and anything: you can shop our selections below, and find more discounted Miansai styles at Shopbop Men. Just a word of advice: know when to stop (see: three chains is too many chains).

InsideHook-Approved Miansai Jewelry at Shopbop Men:

a silver chain with a pendant

Miansai Saint Chirstopher’s Surf Necklace

a thin silver chain

Miansai 2.5mm Cable Chain Necklace

a gold chain with a stone

Miansai Lennox Jasper Green Chain Necklace

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