Ease Back Into Office Life With lululemon’s “On the Move” Collection

It'll be like you never left

September 29, 2020 1:30 pm
lululemon pants

As the weirdest year ever continues to march forward, many people are still working from home full time. But just as many people, it seems, are starting to head back into the office, at least on a part-time basis. For those people who are back at the office, you have to feel for them — on a number of levels, not least of which is that they’re suddenly just expected to dress in a way that’s deemed acceptable in a professional setting.

After months spent working at the dining room table or splayed out on the couch in their finest old sweatpants or gym shorts, they’re just supposed to rock some stiff, starchy khakis and a shiny dress shirt and act like nothing ever happened? Like they haven’t been conditioned to value comfort above all else? This seems absurd.

Thankfully, lululemon is here to soften the blow with their vast “On the Move” collection, which is comprised of an impressive array of apparel that specializes in combining extreme comfort and performance with office-appropriate good looks.

The “On the Move” pants are especially adept at pulling off this trick, so we’ll be focusing on those, but really, you’ll have no problem assembling entire outfits by mixing and matching within the collection. Below, four looks that will safely help get you back out into the world while allowing you to maintain the comfort of your former couch-based life.


ABC Jogger

Joggers are one of the fastest-growing trends in men’s lifestyle apparel and lululemon’s pair is a standout. The premium Warpstreme fabric is stretchy and breathable while retaining its shape after days of wear. We appreciate the large square front pockets, which are deep enough to hold a water bottle and a notebook, should you need to dash from the gym to a work meeting. In the back, a single zippered pocket keeps valuables like a wallet secure. By the way, ABC stands for “anti-ball crushing”. For the wearer, that means a loose fit and gusseted crotch.

Pair with: Down to the Wire Long-Sleeve Shirt ($108)


ABC Pant Slim

The ABC Pant pushes the work-appropriate envelope with its five-pocket styling — meaning it’s cut like a pair of jeans, with front and back pockets and a change pocket, rather than “dress” pants, which have two back pockets and two side pockets — but remains appropriate thanks to their wrinkle-resistant, shape-retaining qualities. Plus they’re super breathable and stretchy, with a nice soft feel and a classic cut. While we love the Slim for everyday wear, the ABC pants come in four different styles, from skinny to classic, and a variety of lengths including an extra-long 37-inch inseam.

Pair with: The Evolution Long-Sleeve Polo ($98)


Bowline Pant

Made from a 100% recycled, water-resistant fabric, the Bowline pant sits right between the ABC Slim and the Joggers in terms of style. It’s markedly casual, with a drawstring waist and the same large front pockets as the Joggers. That said, throw on a button-down and hide the cinched waist and you’ve got and you won’t get any grief in the office or on Zoom calls. They also feature a sneaky zipper on the back pocket, should you be cycling to work and want to ensure you don’t lose anything.

Pair with: Airing Easy Short Sleeve Shirt ($98)


Commission Pant Classic Warpstreme

What you’ve got in the Commission Pant is essentially a classic pair of chinos, indistinguishable from standard dress pants in every way except to the person wearing them. The details are what set them apart, though: hidden reflective strips on in inside of the cuffs for greater visibility when bike commuting, a hidden zippered pocket for stashing an item as big as a passport, and a four-way stretch fabric for unencumbered mobility.

Pair with: Commission Long-Sleeve Shirt ($108)

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