Take It From Kim Kardashian: The Crotchless Catsuit Stays on During Sex

The star's latest Skims release is a crotchless, butt-baring catsuit, which begs many questions

Kim Kardashian returns to her hotel on November 03, 2021 in New York City.
Kim Kardashian, not wearing a crotchless catsuit.
Gotham/GC Images

If there’s one thing the stars can agree on these days, it’s that butt-baring loungewear is in. After Rihanna ushered in the holiday season late last year with the gift of assless tartan pajama pants, Kim Kardashian has raised her a crotchless catsuit complete with ample butt cleavage.

The now officially single megastar debuted her latest Skims release on Wednesday, modeling the sleek yet sexy (yet also kind of confusing) design for the brand’s Instagram. Naturally, Kardashian’s foray into crotchless catsuits (a first for the brand) sparked plenty of questions among fans wondering when and why one might actually wear a garment that leaves you bare from crack to clit. “Where do you even wear this?” asked one, while another added, “Can some one [sic] tell me the point of this thing? It looks super uncomfortable.” Then there’s the question of what kind of wear this rather unique design is actually intended for. The brand calls it “the ultimate after-dark staple,” suggesting lingerie vibes, though models on the site wear the look with thongs (which kind of defeats the point of going crotchless) and pumps, suggesting this is a look you might actually wear in public?

Still, some saw the value in the seemingly impractical design. As one fan put it, “It’s giving quickie,” while another called Kardashian’s beau, Pete Davidson, “a lucky man” for presumably getting to fuck a woman with tasteful ass cleavage on display.

Now, whether or not a skin-tight, full-body crotchless catsuit actually constitutes practical quickie-wear, I can’t say. (Personally, I’d suggest sticking with the classic sundress-no-underwear combo for a quick and discreet romp, but to each their own.) Still, a crotchless, butt-baring catsuit does seem like a good alternative for those of you who enjoy rocking the shirt-on, dick out, Winnie the Pooh look during sex.

Otherwise, I’m not really sure when or why anyone would wear this, but I’m not mad at it. Moreover, I can almost guarantee people will in fact be wearing it, considering it’s already sold out in multiple sizes. The stars have spoken: butt cleavage is in, and we have no choice but to bare our backsides for the world.

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