Want to Be a Space Cowboy Like Jeff Bezos? Get One of These Hats.

We can't help you with the billions of dollars, though

Jeff Bezos wearing a cowboy hat for Blue Origin space launch
Howdy, Jeff.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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Yesterday morning, Jeff Bezos boarded his extremely phallic Blue Origin spacecraft and hurled himself just outside Earth’s atmosphere for a very brief, underwhelming ten minutes. For the occasion, the Amazon founder donned the cobalt-blue jumpsuits uniform to the Blue Origin “crew,” accessorizing his suit with the puzzling addition of a cowboy hat, evidently fancying himself some sort of space cowboy.

Naturally, the Internet was quick to ridicule the billionaire for his headwear, and rightfully so, as the hat dwarfed his frame and bald-ass head. He looked more like Doug Dimmadome from The Fairly Odd Parents than the macho cowboy we’re sure he imagines himself to be. As if the hat weren’t enough, Bezos took the whole Texas theme one step further by throwing on some cowboy boots for his post-space celebration, shoes he definitely already had in his wardrobe and most certainly did not buy just for the occasion, wink wink.

But if Bezos’ appearance left you curious about your own ability to pull off a cowboy hat, or if you’re of the mind that he actually looked good (to each his own), we’ve done our best to track down the hat Bezos wore, so you too can posture as a space cowboy. While we were unable to find the exact hat — a taupe color with leather band featuring silver accents, the felt wool extremely weathered and dirty, likely not Bezos’ own doing — we did find some very similar options, all featuring the classic cowboy silhouette, felt wool material and shades in the taupe/ivory/light tan territory. And if you’re a particular fan of the leather trim, we’ve included a hatband complete with oval silver conchos that you can throw on any hat you see fit. Here’s hoping you look better than ol’ Jeff.

Stetson Cowboy Hat in Ivory

Stetson El Patron Silverbelly Western Hat

Lack of Color Cowboy Hat in Ivory

Lack of Color Goldfinger Cowboy Hat


Wind River Chisolm Western Hat

Justin 3X Rodeo Hat in Light Tan/Ivory

Justin 3X Rodeo Hat

M&F Western Long Oval Conch Hatband

M&F Western Long Oval Conch Hatband

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