Guys, You Should Really Consider Dressing More Like Megan Rapinoe

The USWNT's resident swag lord serves up style inspiration for everyone on her Instagram

July 2, 2019 8:34 am
How to dress like megan rapinoe
We're not saying you need to dye your hair purple. But we're also not discouraging it.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you’ve heard of Megan Rapinoe. In addition to being the latest athlete to draw Donald Trump’s Twitter ire, the USWNT winger turned in an absolute scorcher of a performance against France in the World Cup quarterfinal, bagging two goals as well as striking an instantly iconic post-goal pose that has already been meme’d to the end of the internet and back.

And while Rapinoe’s unwavering commitment to her principles and stellar on-field play are no doubt the most significant elements of what makes her such an inspiring figure, there is another, tertiary factor at play that cannot be ignored: the fact that when it comes to her style off the field, Rapinoe is a straight-up swag lord.

Let’s set aside the perfectly swoopy silver/purple coiffure, assuming that it’s not in your tonsorial wheelhouse (or, in your correspondent’s case, it very much is, but is being prevented by a cruel bout of male-pattern baldness), and focus instead on Rapinoe’s sartorial acumen β€” which is every bit as formidable as her sniper-accurate dead-ball skills.

A quick perusal of Rapinoe’s Instagram account yields a windfall of ultra-stylish kits that any gent worth his vestiary salt would do well to add to his “Swag Filez” folder for reference.

That’s right, I’m telling you to take your wardrobe cues from a lady. Because it’s 2019 and we are charting new territory and also why am I even defending this, just grow the f*ck up if you don’t like it.

Rapinoe is a pro at rocking streetwear in an elevated way, mixing casual pieces with more classic, tailored elements to create an overall vibe of “yes, I look relaxed, but in a very intentional and considered way.” This is, in your correspondent’s opinion, essentially what we should all be shooting for on the weekends.

Below, four of her recent style flexes worth aping, along with some shoppable options should you choose to do so (spoiler alert: you should).

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Office. Uniform. Work.

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Look no. 1: Lombardi

One thing’s for sure: if Rapinoe ever decides to stalk the touchline as a manager, she’ll certainly look the part. Note the excellent mix of color, pattern and fit: the low-key dark plaid on the tapered trouser bookended by the solid white of the sneaker and bright blue of the sweater, all wrapped up in a camel topcoat (one with a subtle stripe that plays off the swoosh on the sneaks, no less).


Look no. 2: Lazy Sunday

The proper way to wear a graphic tee: stick to black or white and aim for a graphic with a simple but interesting color scheme (the pink/purple ’80s vibes here are spot-on). Then grab a relaxed pant in the opposite color of the shirt β€” not saying they have to be cropped wide-whale cords, but something that adds to the slouch vibe without feeling sloppy. Add crispy white sneakers and a pair of socks that play off the tee if you’re feeling saucy. Massive shades optional but recommended.


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@re__social + @meghankling πŸŒ‹

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Look no. 3: Easier Rider

A more relaxed (sensing a theme here?) drawstring lounge pant is a great left-of-center jean alternative for a classic T-shirt and leather jacket getup. Extra points for the necklaces and artful half-tuck.


Look no. 4: Sweat the Details

See that bit of orange sweater peeking out from her cuff? It’s not an exact match to the red on the shoes, but it’s in the family. Little bits of color coordination like this (even in a more muted tone like the grey below) go a long way, especially when the rest of the outfit is anchored by dark solids.


Best of luck to you in your stylistic endeavors, and to the USWNT in the World Cup.

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