This Beautiful Leather Bag Is Actually Two Beautiful Leather Bags

The Double Take makes your travels twice as versatile

April 27, 2017 9:00 am

When you travel, you should not be beholden to your bag. There’s a time for carrying all your stuff, and a time for just keeping the essentials.

Hardgraft understands this. Makers of fine and versatile leather wares (we’re fans), ‘Graft just introduced the Double Take Holdall, a beautiful veg-tanned leather carry-on with a twist: it’s really two bags.

Hardgraft (5 images)

The larger Holdall is a weekender for your clothes and shoes, while the miniature One Pack is for your wallet, passport and phone. And it detaches, too — it’s held on to the Holdall by two magnets and a strap —meaning you can carry both or either (or neither, I guess, but that’s weird).

The Double Take is available now for $1200, but if you’re a person of few needs, the smaller One Pack will be available on its own soon for $200.


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