Stuff We Swear By: DUER’s Smart Tech Stretch Pants Belong in Every Closet

There's nothing they can't do

July 21, 2023 9:55 am
Duer Smart Tech Pant Hero
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You’re always doing 50 different things all at once,” a friend once told me. They weren’t wrong. As a full-time writer, actor and outdoors enthusiast I tend to find myself in a wide range of new settings and situations. I’ll go from being on-location one day in Roxbury, New York, to directly covering an event in Aspen, Colorado. Then I will stop by Austin, Texas to attend a friend’s wedding before heading up to the deserts of Utah to test out new outdoor gear. That’s all pretty standard in my life. I quite frequently trade in the high-rises of New York (where I live for the most part) for the thrill of the mountains. A day here in New York can go from a skate sesh in LES to barely making it on time to a production meeting at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

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With those rapid shifts in my life becoming more and more constant, I’ve been in search of pants that can match my multi-hyphenated lifestyle. As a person that also happens to go out on occasion, I can’t just have pants that only focus on functionality. The style has to also look good. I have to look the part at a friend’s opening reception gallery while also being able to go on a bike tour from Prospect Park to Central Park. 

The question remained, could I find that in a single product? Of course, I could go into an elaborate story about the scrapyard of pants I’ve tried and ripped holes in throughout the years but I don’t have time for that. You don’t have time for that. There’s only one pair of pants to rule them all and for me, that’s the DUER Black Smart Stretch Tech Pants.

How I use them:

If I’m going to pledge my allegiance to a pair of pants as I’m doing right now, I have to be able to go from having a proper date at a West African bistro in East Harlem to jumping onto an already running Kawasaki KLX300 motorbike (in my case a Revel electric moped), and riding with the sun dipping over my back across the Queensboro bridge like I’m Tom Cruise. 

Ok, I can be a bit dramatic. Here are the facts: The DUER Smart Stretch Tech Pants come in Black or Charcoal Heather. I prefer them in black because that’s not only the un-official official uniform color scheme here in New York, but it allows you a variety of options when it comes to picking up patterns and colors for your top. I love a rush of color, so I’ve been able to wear these pants with floral prints, Syracuse-style orange jackets, dusty jean jackets, Hawaiian shirts and your standard black hoodie. 

The Smart Stretch Tech Pants are brilliantly designed. There’s elasticity around the waist (for those late-night eats at halal carts), breathable comfort around the thighs (for all of us with the soccer/athletic thunder thighs) and a tapered ankle cuff that make it the right pants to pair with loafers during the warmer months. I’ve worn them over my wet suit before and after Spring surfing sessions out at Far Rockaway. I’ve worn them to an elegant opening day at the swanky, Western Hotel. And they’re definitely my go-to when it’s time to go dancing.

Why I swear by it:

We all have different styles and preferences on fits. The beautiful thing about the DUER Smart Tech Pants is that wearing them feels right. For me, I wanna be able to move around — I don’t like being constricted. I found a pair of pants that match just as well with Vans as they do with Weejuns.  I feel so secure in wearing them (they also have back pocket zippers) that I might wear them with flip-flop sandals around the city this summer. I think everyone should feel this type of lightweight durability and comfort. Especially when they look this good.

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