Don’t Be the Guy Who Buys Conor McGregor’s ‘F*ck You’ Suit

There are better ways to spend $6,500

July 24, 2017 9:00 am

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are well on their way to inking their names sports’ history books, and we’re still a month away from the actual fight. If you haven’t been following, you must have better things to do than watching two rich guys throw openly homophobic and racist insults at each other. But you probably also missed the melodrama surrounding Conor McGregor’s choice of outfit at the first press day: a custom three-piece suit with “F*ck You” pinstripes. Yeah, the pinstripes read “F*ck You,” over and over again.

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The internet, naturally, went wild. And now, David August, the brand behind the bespoke job, is offering the suit to anyone who wants one, which is apparently a lot of people. In a statement to GQ, CEO David August Heil said “right after Conor wore the suit I started receiving text messages and phone calls from our clients asking for the exact look.”

The cost: $6,500.

Before you buy, allow us to remind you of a very important fact: you are not Conor McGregor. You’re not a pro fighter. You’re not a pro trash-talker. You don’t troll other hypermasculine men for a living. Hell, you’re probably not even a race-baiting knobhead.

So, it’s not that you’re not worthy of a “F*ck You” pinstripe suit — it’s that you’re much better than one.

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