The 7 Music Festival Essentials Every Gentleman Needs

As told by Austin’s resident menswear guru

June 1, 2018 9:00 am

With two major music fests on the city’s annual summer docket (SXSW and ACL), it’s safe to say that the folks of Austin know a solid outdoor concert ensemble. Which is a good thing: dressing for a festival can be a tricky proposition, and sartorial missteps (and sometimes several accompanying physical missteps) abound.

So to help you gear up for a day of sunshine and live tunes (no matter where in the country you may be spending it), we tapped Brandon Mahler of trend-settin’ Austin menswear boutique ByGeorge to curate a proper show kit, Austin-style.

1. Loewe Slip-On Loafer
“Lightweight and perfect for hot weather, these are some of my favorite shoes from this Spanish brand. The embossed croc gives it this cool ’80s vacation vibe, and the convertible collapsible heel makes it two pairs in one. Versatile! Great for walking the dog before catching your favorite band’s set.”


2. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Wallet
“Great if you want something new in the wallet department, enough slots for all your cards and ID, then some space for cash and P. Terry’s gift cards (if in Austin). Bottega is a timeless brand, and the Intrecciato leather ages so well. And it’s still slim in your pocket.”


3. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Logo T-shirt
“Raf [Simmons] does it again at his second season at Calvin. Sometimes it’s hard to be stylish during summer festivals because it gets so hot (you can forget about almost any kind of layering). It’s hard to go to something wearing “just a T-shirt,” but this isn’t “just a T-shirt”. It’s thicker cotton with a great neck (what I always look for in a good T-shirt) with the visual kind of logo that isn’t too much. Even though it looks like there’s a small poem on your shirt, use it as a conversation starter.


4. Our Legacy Flared Shorts
“Such a perfect pair. I always tell everyone who comes into ByGeorge that my ideal short would be a combination of a swim and soccer short. This is that short. Great light fabric, not too short, and not too long, kind of loose. Pair this with your favorite vintage tee or a long-sleeve shirt when the sun goes down.”


5. Maison Margiela 3-Pack T-shirts
“These T-shirts from Margiela are quickly becoming my favorites. Soft cotton that still feels substantial, with a perfect fit. Each shirt is a different shade of white. It has the Maison’s iconic four stitches in the back, and if you know, then you know. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. It’s understated, but super elevated. It makes anything I wear feel a little more dressed up. Wear by themselves or with a long-sleeve shirt unbuttoned.”


6. Loewe Denim Shirt
“Back at it again with the Loewe, Jonathan Anderson really gets it right with his mens ready-to-wear. It’s different but still wearable, and probably why he’s one of my favorite designers (ByGeorge is one of three boutiques in North America to carry MRTW). Easy and a good, light, summer chambray. Wear it with the Margiela tees. People will ask you if the bib at the bottom is functional or serves a purpose. It doesn’t, but it’s cooler that way.”


7. Ursa Major Deodorant + Face Tonic
“Maybe the most important two things on here. Everything from Ursa Major is all natural and refreshing. In my bag wherever I go, I always keep these things on me. The deodorant is aluminum-free and cooling, and it won’t stain your Margiela T-shirts. The face tonic is amazing for everything. I use it as a toner in my day-to-day routine and when I need a 2 P.M. pick-me-up or if I’ve been sweating all day after a quick run around town.”



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