10 Men’s Slippers and House Shoes to Help You Achieve Peak Coziness

Keep those little piggies nice n' toasty

Updated December 9, 2020 8:28 am
Best Fall Slippers for Men
Glerups, LL Bean, Ugg

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Here’s the deal, you need to stop wearing your outdoor shoes in the house and invest in a good pair of house shoes or slippers.

While you’re certainly free to do what you want in the comfort of your own home, in light of the global pandemic we find ourselves in, we think wearing shoes in the house feels particularly icky. After all, who knows what could be lurking on your footwear? You might roll your eyes at this germaphobe disposition, but we’re of the mind that it’s better to err on the side of caution and buy yourself a pair of house shoes.

If you’ve never owned a pair before and don’t know where to start, you’re in luck, as we’re entering prime house shoe season. Whether you fancy yourself a slipper kind of guy or you seek something with a little more structure, once you slip your feet into these beacons of coziness, you’ll never want to wear real shoes in the house again.

Below are 10 pairs of men’s house shoes and men’s slippers for shuffling around the house this fall and winter. And if you must wear them into the yard every now and then, we’ve even included some that can handle that, too.

OluKai Mahana Slippers

OluKai Mahana

Think of OluKai’s Mahana men’s slippers as sweats for your feet — the upper is made from lightweight jersey fabrics while the interior is lined with soft terry cloth for added comfort. Plus, if you must venture out of the house in these, the durable rubber outsole (with a cross-hatched pattern for extra grip) won’t have you slipping and sliding around.

Minnetonka Slip-On

Minnetonka Pile Lined Hardsole

You’re probably familiar with Minnetonka’s iconic moccasins, but it’s time you buy a pair for yourself. The fuzzily lined interior will keep your feet nice and toasty while the hard sole is perfect for jetting out the door to get the mail or taking your pup for a quick walk.

Birkenstock Boston Shearling

Birkenstock Boston Shearling

Yes, these Birkenstock’s are admittedly on the ugly side, but that’s exactly why we love them. The addition of the shearling lining lends them a luxurious feel, like slipping your feet into their own personal ultra-plush beds.

L.L.Bean Slipper

L.L.Bean Wicked Good Scuffs

Who needs to bother with the addition of an annoying heel when you can forgo it all together with these slip-on Scuffs from L.L.Bean? Part men’s slipper, part moccasin and constructed from premium sheepskin and the finest genuine shearling.

Parachute Home Suede Slippers

Parachute Suede Slippers

If you’re after a more traditional men’s slipper, look no further than Parachute’s suede and shearling slippers, perfect for those days when you have no intention of taking off your pajamas.

Uniqlo Slippers

Uniqlo Open Toe Corduroy Slippers

As much as we enjoy the warmth and coziness a shearling-lined men’s slipper provides, they can often prove to be a sweaty situation. For those who find themselves with sweaty soles, consider Uniqlo’s Corduroy Slippers, with an open toe. The corduroy will still allow for warmth and feel seasonally appropriate, while the open toe silhouette will provide airflow so your feet can breathe.

Glerups Slip-On

Glerups The Slip-On Rubber Slipper

Glerups give us major #cottagecore vibes (the aesthetic that celebrates a return to the simple, rural life) so even if you find yourself in the middle of a sprawling city, you can still channel your inner farmer with these guys. Made entirely from wool, not only does the fabric offer warmth and breathability but will also prove to be odor-resistant.

Urban Outfitters Slipper
Urban Outfitters

UO Sherpa Hardsole Slipper

Imagine your favorite childhood teddy bear made into a pair of men’s slippers, with the result being something like Urban Outfitter’s sherpa slipper. Okay, maybe that’s a gruesome thought but these slippers are warm and fuzzy like your stuffed childhood best friend.

The North Face Slippers
The North Face

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Traction Mule V

There are few things less enjoyable than getting out of your luxuriously warm bed, planting your feet on the ground and being jolted by the frigidly cold floors. Save yourself from that cruel start to your fall and winter mornings with TheNorth Face’s ThermoBall mules. The PrimaLoft insulation will feel similar to the brand’s range of puffers and outerwear, while the Oso-fleece lining will keep your toes toasty, cold floors be damned.

UGG Slipper

UGG Tasman Slipper

Since UGGs are officially cool again, it’s only fitting that we recommend their Tasman Slipper. As someone who owned several pairs in middle school, I can attest to their unmatchable comfort and warmth. There’s also something to be said for the secure feeling they provide, like encasing your feet in a warm and welcoming hug.

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