Travel Fit

By The Editors
August 15, 2012 9:00 am
Travel Fit

When a man travels, he carries his life in his wallet. And the bigger the life, the more awkward his travels, especially given his choice of pants.

Ease your travels, and your pocket presence, with the slender beauty of the Bellroy Travel Wallet.

From an Aussie company with a particularly nuanced corporate ethos, the Bellroy’s a well-tanned bi-fold designed to safely and stylishly carry all of your most important cards and travel documents. Or as Bellroy says, “take a passport, mould everything around that”.

The Bellroy’s centerpiece is a dedicated passport pouch on one inner sleeve, which it complements with four easily-accessed card slots on the other, two more inside, and a large note section that fits pretty much any currency — from Latvian lats to Cypriot pounds (sorry, Rai Stone of Micronesia).

The wallet also features a Japanese-designed micro-pen, perfect for filling out custom forms and slotted in the center of the note pocket — which allows all your travel documents to bend smoothly around its base and prevents folds and creases.

Something your other presences in your pocket will thank you for.

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