Take It From a Woman: The Baseball Tee Is the Sexiest Shirt You Can Wear

It reveals your low-key hottest body part.

July 28, 2020 9:54 am
Take It From a Woman: The Baseball Tee Is the Sexiest Shirt You Can Wear

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Two weeks ago, the New York Post published an article about Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’ transformation on his new Netflix show “Down to Earth.” Of course, anyone with a pair of functioning eyeballs can see that the actor’s hunky figure does not constitute a “dad bod.” While he certainly looks heftier compared to his scarily ripped Baywatch days, the extra weight seems to be a completely healthy and positive gain, as Efron explained on the Netflix show that he had been barred from eating carbs for years.

All this Efron talk led me down a rabbit hole of the star’s filmography. If Zac Efron wasn’t your celebrity crush for years, you may not be too familiar with the actor’s growth from hot Disney heartthrob to even hotter Netflix heartthrob. Efron got his start on the iconic, childhood-defining Disney Channel movie High School Musical where he played popular high school basketball all-star Troy Bolton. He had incredible shaggy hair, piercing blue eyes and sported a red baseball tee in all three films.

Troy’s signature baseball tee, along with one I recently purchased, had me thinking that I’d written off the baseball tee for far too long, and you probably have too. A shirt I thought was only meant to be worn by high school athletes is actually an universally good-looking unisex shirt.

Also known as a raglan shirt, the style actually has an interesting wartime origin. It’s named for its diagonal stitch that joins the sleeve from the base of the neck to the armpit, with a continuous piece of fabric. This method of stitching is named after Lord Raglan, a British commander during the Crimean War who wore a coat with this same style of sleeve after losing an arm. The larger armhole allowed for more unrestricted movement — the very same reason baseball players often sport the raglan tee underneath their jerseys: the lack of shoulder seams makes it easier for players to move freely.

You can technically grab a baseball tee in various color patterns, designs and sleeve lengths — but the only sleeve length we legally recognize is the 3/4 sleeve.

The 3/4 sleeve is what gives the baseball tee its sex appeal. Sure, the tee gets hot points for its laid back, athletic style and its association with baseball players (who we know are the hottest athletes). But the 3/4 sleeve highlights a part of the male body I’d argue is on par with the upper thigh for hottest male body part: the forearm. The sleeve cuts off a little below the elbow, only revealing that prized forearm and drawing attention to those defined veins and firm muscles. Bet you didn’t know your forearm was so attractive.

Besides being the sexiest tee you can wear, as noted above, it’s a super comfortable shirt built for unrestricted movement, and also serves as a total versatile tee — a standalone piece that’s also super easy to layer.

While admittedly it might be a bit too hot to sport the baseball tee at this very moment, it’s going to be the perfect casual summer to fall transition piece. And to make sure you’re prepared, we’ve rounded up a few particularly sexy versions for you to peruse below.

Basic Eco-Jersey Raglan Henley Shirt

A henley raglan hybrid that has all the laidback cool of a baseball tee with a slightly refined look thanks to the classic henley placket.

Nike Cooperstown Vintage Tri-Blend Raglan

We love the retro vibes the raglan inherently gives off, but for added measure, you can sport a tee with a vintage graphic of your favorite MLB team. It is a baseball tee after all.

Soft-Washed Color-Blocked 3/4-Sleeve Baseball Tee 

This soft-washed jersey is super comfortable, affordable and available in a super stylish beige colorblock.

Men’s UA Sportstyle Left Chest ¾ T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a more technical baseball tee, this Under Armour 3/4 number is super soft, lightweight and quick-drying.

Vintage Baseball Tee

Your very own Troy Bolton baseball tee. Get’cha head in the game.

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