Barbour and Orvis Team Up for the Vintage Range Rover of Your Dreams

This might be the coziest vehicle ever

The Barbour Land Rover
The 1995 Barbour Range Rover Classic.

I have an entire mental garage filled with dream cars from my childhood. I’d love a red 1984 Mercedes-Benz 380SL convertible, a white 911 Carrera from the days when Bo Jackson was the biggest sensation in sports (so ’87 or ’88), and I’ve decided that 1986 was my personal favorite year for Chevy Silverados. For some reason, those all feel a little out of reach because of finances or simply because my wife would just say “no.”

But there is one car I really, truly feel like I could someday own: a Ford Bronco dressed up in an Eddie Bauer interior. I saw one a few years ago on Jalopnik with the headline, “Could This Pristine 1985 Ford Bronco II Be Worth $13,700?” All I could say was, “Absolutely.”

Let’s set aside the fact that the Ford Bronco rests in my little brain as the perfect SUV. I’m sure by today’s standards it’s a gas-guzzling money pit, but to me it represents this perfect meeting of rugged and cool, like you’d expect to see one covered in mud pull up to a fancy cocktail party, and out pops some Ralph Lauren model guy; it’s the SUV for every personality.

Ever since I first caught wind of Eddie Bauer, the company I knew from the parkas that kept me warm, working with the Ford Motor Company to make the ultimate outdoor geek dream truck, I’ve had a slight obsession with similar team-ups. I never considered buying a regular Subaru, but an L.L. Bean Subaru Outback is a totally different story. The collaboration between Orvis and Jeep for that special edition Grand Cherokee that was available in the late-’90s is another one I have similarly warm feelings towards.

All due respect to those vehicles, even my beloved Eddie Bauer Bronco, but the one-of-a-kind epsom green 1995 Range Rover Classic that Barbour and Orvis are looking to give away is on a whole other level.

Interior of the Barbour / Orvis Range Rover

The grand prize to celebrate Barbour’s 125th anniversary, people can register to win the Range Rover that’s valued at $125,000. With only 79,088 miles on it and new parts and modern technology added from Congleton Service, the thing will stick around for whoever is lucky enough to win. The interior is all decked out by — you guessed it — Barbour. The thing is the ultimate cozy wagon.

The Range Rover, which Taylor Congleton discovered in Maine before realizing it was actually one of the first trucks he worked on when he started Congleton Service a decade earlier, took approximately 200 hours to refurbish. The end result is something so unique and cool, and you — yes, you — have a chance to win if you register between now and March 31, 2020.

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