These Ridiculously Comfy Socks Were Inspired by Snakes

And construction sites. We can explain.

April 4, 2017 9:00 am

Weather be damned, it’s time to step into spring.

Literally. Talkin’ socks here.

More to the point: Ace & Everett, a new(ish) brand of made-in-the-USA foot huggers that’ll redefine your wardrobe. These socks add color and versatility to any wardrobe, and have patterns that’ll — no joke — inspire conversations about urban architecture, American history and the world’s deadliest snake.

We can explain.

A&E, started by brothers Cody and Sage Disch in 2014, foregoes the usual stripe patterns and use their home base of New York as visual inspiration for their socks. Namely, the city’s architecture.

This spring brings 10 new lines, including Finn (see above), a design inspired by NYC’s ubiquitous scaffolding and the shadows it casts, resulting in a striking chevron stripe (the robin’s egg/caution yellow will certainly get you a few looks — in a good way).

Also: Raf, a herringbone that takes its notes from the intricate Guastavino tiles in Grand Central’s Whispering Gallery; Eddie, which turns the idea of corrugated metal siding into a rather trippy and colorful display (note: don’t stare too long, you’ll get dizzy); and Brayden, which uses a repeating nail motif for a cool waffled pattern.

Plus: Casper, which utilizes bulldozer treads as a visual inspiration; Eamon (chainlink fence) and Mamba (a take on argyle that reimagines the colorblocked marble floors of the American History Museum with the scales of the world’s deadliest snake), among others.

All of these are a blend of Supima cotton and comfy, breathable materials like merino wool or silk. And every sock uses double-cylinder jacquard knitting techniques — which for you means there’s an actual, tangible texture in the patterns and the inside of the sock is as nice as the outside.

Your best bet? The Boys Club subscription, which nets you a new sock every month for $20.

It’s a good first step.

Nota bene: Use the code hook10 to get 10% off your first order at Ace & Everett. Deal available through Monday, April 10th.

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