You Want Vintage? This Is F***ing Vintage.

1924: Jazzy cool home goods from the Coolidge era.

By The Editors
July 23, 2015 9:00 am

Ah, 1924.

Let’s rewind.

A young buck named Stalin was making waves overseas. The kids were hypnotized by Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. And new media maverick Calvin Coolidge was delivering the first radio address straight outta the White House.

Interesting times.

Bringing some of that interesting aesthetic to your home: 1924, a curator of extremely unique vintage goods, available now.

Explains ‘24 founder Christian Watson: “The ‘20s were a time that focused on constantly improving the quality of all things, and life in general. It was all about revolutionary inventions and great style.”

The majority of 1924’s old-timey knickknackery is sourced from Watson’s global adventures. The items date from the late 1800s and through the mid-1900s.

While familiar, you’ll probably never see anything exactly like these.

Like a vintage toy pistol (“For the collector of smalls”). Forged cast-iron folding tools that predate the Leatherman. Real WWII bullets transformed into manly lighters. French playing cards from the 19th century.

And rope. It’s just rope.

Due to each item’s unique nature, these gewgaws sell out quickly.

In other words: no time to waste.

Nota bene: 1924 also has one of the most creative Instagrams we’ve ever seen. Do follow.

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