Tom Brady Insists He Is “Certain” About Retirement From NFL

But is he really?

Tom Brady gets ready to run onto the field before a game.
Tom Brady is insisting his NFL retirement is for real.
Cooper Neill/Getty

Thou protest too much?

Following a few weeks of speculation about what Tom Brady’s NFL future will hold once he is approved as a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, the 45-year-old took it upon himself to put rumors about the end of his retirement and his return to the football field to bed.

While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Brady was asked what he would like to tell fans and media members who have been theorizing he could come out of retirement to play quarterback for the Raiders once current Las Vegas starter Jimmy Garoppolo inevitably gets hurt and misses time. In the past, Brady has been somewhat mealy-mouthed when asked directly about a (second) comeback. This time, the seven-time Super Bowl winner did not mince his words.

Tom Brady shared a message about his retirement from the NFL.

“I’m certain I’m not playing again, so I’ve tried to make that clear. I hate to continue to profess that because I’ve already told people that lots of times,” he said. “I’m looking forward to my broadcasting job at Fox next year. I’m looking forward to the opportunity I have with the Raiders. We’re in the process of that, along with the other different things that I’m a part of professionally. And in my personal life, just spending as much time with my kids as I can, and seeing them grow up, and support the different things that they have going on. That’s a very important job.” 

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If Brady did want to come back and play again, there undoubtedly would be a team that would have him. His former team, the Bucs, certainly seem like they would welcome him back as their current top quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask, appear to really be struggling.

Even at 45, Brady can certainly throw better than that. But, according to him, he’s certain he never will again.

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