Green Bay RB Aaron Jones Explains His Signature Shades and Sombrero

The 25-year-old running back wants the world to meet the man under the helmet

Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers is one of the NFL's best running backs.
Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers is one of the NFL's best running backs.

Drafted by the Packers in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL draft out of Texas-El Paso, running back Aaron Jones scored 23 touchdowns last season over the course of the regular season and playoffs, the most in the league by a non-quarterback. This year, the 25-year-old running back has missed some time with injuries following his breakout season for the Packers, but is still averaging a touchdown per game heading into a Week 12 matchup against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football.

But reaching the end zone isn’t the only habit Jones has formed over his four-year stint in the NFL. The Texas native has also become recognizable for rocking a pair of gold Oakley Sutros on the sidelines in 2020.

Jones, who has been wearing a different pair of Oakleys on the sidelines in honor of Military Appreciation Month (just not after he scores), calls the Sutros his “touchdown shades.”

“I started putting on the glasses this year. Oakley sent them to me and I was like, ‘Oh, those are it. Those are it,’” Jones tells InsideHook. “They just stood out to me. I love all their glasses, but the gold just stood out to me. I like the Sutro style as well — the cut of the big throwback. They remind me of snowboarding goggles. But they’re stylish and everybody loves them.”

When Jones has the throwback glasses on his face and a bright bandana on his head, he bears a striking resemblance to late WWE wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage. But, according to Jones, that’s just a coincidence.

“I definitely watched wrestling growing up probably until I was about 11,” he says. “I know who he is and I was a fan, but I wasn’t going for his look. Then I started seeing some of the pictures, I was like, ‘Okay, I can see how people definitely see that.’ It was pretty funny.”

In addition to standing out with his sideline glasses, Jones has also started to be known for showing up to games wearing a signature sombrero, a look that is at least somewhat an homage to his alma mater and Texas roots.

“I’m from El Paso and the city has a huge Hispanic and Mexican culture,” Jones says. “We were actually playing in Dallas and I went and got a costume sombrero and wore it with my outfit. I was getting so many compliments. Then a Packer fan named Señor Cheese Head contacted me. He was like, ‘Dude do you want me to send you a real sombrero, a Packer-colored one?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, sir, I’d love that.’ He sent it to me last year and I’ve been wearing it ever since.”

According to Jones, the sunglasses and sombrero are just a fun way to show off who he is as a person as well as a football player.

“I feel like the world really doesn’t get to see you outside of the helmet you have on. I mean, and they penalize you if you take it off after you score,” he says. “It’s a challenge for people to know your face or get to know you as a person or who you are. I’m a bright person. I like to bring a smile and joy to people. That’s who I am.”

Aaron Jones rocking some Oakleys the same way he does on the sidelines.
Aaron Jones rocking some Oakleys the same way he does on the sidelines.

As Jones works to show off his off-field personality, he is also on his way to becoming one of the best running backs in the NFL, if he’s not there already.

“I’m continuing to work on my game and evolve as a player,” Jones says. “I’m never content on where I’m at. I know even when I’m at my best, I can still get better. I take a hard look in the mirror and tell myself that these are the things I need to do. Every off-season I’ve done those things and it has definitely helped.”

Jones is hopeful that all the hard work will eventually allow him to add another piece of attire to his wardrobe — one that will pair quite nicely with the shades and sombrero.

“I don’t know if this is everybody’s goal who comes in and plays an NFL game and wants to be the best, but I want a gold jacket,” he says. “At the end of the day, I think that’s a true testament to your career. So that’s one of my long-term career goals. I believe in speaking and talking about it and speaking it into existence. Gold jacket, gold glasses — it would be perfect.”

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