Martin Schricke and Vincent Descols Tear Up the French Alps ‘Speed Riding’

Parachutes have enabled extreme athletes to go further, higher and, in this case, faster than ever before. It’s led to the development of para-skiing, which has evolved into its high-octane cousin “speed riding.”

Like a BASE jumper soaring down the side of a mountain, speed riders skim along the slope’s surface, alternating between lofty acrobatic jumps and cutting through knee-deep powder. Perhaps no place is better for this than Chamonix, the region around the Alps’ highest peak Mont-Blanc.

The nearby Aiguille du Midi, a 12,605-foot peak, is where speed riders Martin Schricke and Vincent Descols filmed the heart-pounding video below. Shot from their point-of-view, the clip puts gravity in check with its endless loop-de-loops over the untouched rugged terrain of the French Alps.

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