Jay Glazer Made a Very Big, Very Unnecessary Deal About NFL’s Brian Allen Having COVID-19

Glazer teased his report for more than 24 hours

NFL insider Jay Glazer
Jay Glazer visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2017.
Noel Vasquez/Getty

On Tuesday, NFL insider Jay Glazer made it known through a variety of channels that he’d be dropping a bombshell of a report during his appearance on Fox Football Now on Wednesday night.

Glazer, who had dropped big news in the past and is respected within the industry, went on Fox Sports Radio and said, “I am breaking big, big news tomorrow night on Fox Football Now. I mean big, national news tomorrow. I’m not kidding around.”

When the hosts teased him about what the news might be, Glazer chided them for mocking him.

“You guys are making fun of it. It’s not news to make fun of,” Glazer said. “It’s big news.”

People began speculating Glazer had the inside dope on potential discipline for the Patriots for videotaping the Bengals’ sideline, Peyton Manning signing with a media company or the rumored Odell Beckham trade to the Vikings.

On Wednesday morning, Glazer gave a little more info about what was coming and then threw more gas on the hype fire.

So, after more than 24 hours of hyping up his report, Glazer took to FS1 at 11 p.m. and delivered the news that … L.A. Rams center Brian Allen was the first NFL player to test positive for coronavirus and was well on the path to recovery.

To which the internet, rightly so, collectively said, “Big deal.”

Why, at this stage of the pandemic, anyone in any walk of life having a positive test for COVID-19 would be surprising, is newsworthy or is deserving of such a degree of hype is unclear.

Maybe if Allen was on his deathbed it would be newsworthy, but then Glazer using his story to pull a self-serving publicity stunt would be in extremely bad taste and even more deserving of criticism.

As is, the whole thing was a huge waste of time. At least we all have a lot of it.

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