Jason Whitlock Departing Clay Travis’s Outkick for New Role

Whitlock "now wishes to carve his own career path," according to Travis

Sports commenter Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock on the set of "Speak For Yourself."
Fox Sports

After leaving FSI when his contract with Fox Sports expired in June, Jason Whitlock joined Clay Travis’s Outkick within the month.

Now, Whitlock is leaving the conservative sports and social commentary media venture because he “wishes to carve his own career path as opposed to being a partner at Outkick,” per Travis. Whitlock paid half a million dollars to become a partner in the media venture, according to The Washington Post.

“As someone who founded and owns his own company, I don’t want to ever stand in the way of any talented person having control of their own future,” Travis wrote in a post. “So as much as I value Jason’s work, friendship, and the incredible asset that he’s been to Outkick, I’m excited to see what he’s capable of going forward. I’m sure it will be fantastic and I’ll be reading and listening to his work there just as I have read and listened to his work at the Kansas City Star, ESPN, Fox and Outkick.”

Travis concluded the post by wishing 53-year-old Whitlock the best of luck in his future endeavors, but did not provide any details as to what those future endeavors may be.

For his part, Whitlock wrote a cryptic post on Twitter that may have been a response to Travis reporting he was out at Outkick.

Whitlock has gone without a byline on Outkick since mid-December, but did guest-write a piece for The Blaze following the insurrection at the Capitol last week, The Big Lead reports.

“It’s hard to be me at a modern mainstream media company,” Whitlock explained of his decision to join Outkick over the summer. “The things that define me are under attack. Social media has prioritized race, gender, sexuality and political ideology well ahead of God and country. The mainstream media’s addiction to social-media traction does not comfortably accommodate someone with my beliefs speaking my truth.”

Stay tuned to find out where Whitlock will be speaking his truth next.

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