Jason Whitlock Joins Blaze Media Following Departure From Clay Travis’s Outkick

The conservative sports journalist will head up a new vertical titled Fearless at Blaze

Jason Whitlock of Blaze Media
Jason Whitlock has joined Blaze Media after leaving Outkick.
Blaze Media

After joining Clay Travis’s Outkick shortly after his departure from FSI after his contract with Fox Sports expired last June, Jason Whitlock left the conservative sports and social commentary media venture because he wanted to “carve his own career path as opposed to being a partner at Outkick” following a disagreement about an equity stake.

Rumored to be in talks to join Fox (which now owns Outkick) or Blaze Media, Whitlock has signed on with the latter (perhaps because Travis is now directly affiliated with the former).

In tandem with running a new vertical focusing on the intersection of sports, culture, faith and race titled Fearless at Blaze, Whitlock will anchor a new podcast/digital show about sports and culture called Fearless with Jason Whitlock alongside his longtime radio and TV sidekick and best friend James Dodds (aka Uncle Jimmy) from a studio in Nashville.

“Blaze Media shares my values — love of God and country, laughter, and a belief that nothing is more liberating than a fearless pursuit of truth,” Whitlock said. “Blaze is the perfect launching pad for what I want to accomplish in the media space. Fearless will aspire to be a beacon of truth and fun, two things sorely missing in the America that Nike, China, and LeBron James are plotting.”

In addition to scoring more conservative clicks, Blaze is hoping the addition of Whitlock and the studio show will help bolster the media company’s presence in Nashville.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Jason Whitlock on this exciting new project,” Blaze Media CEO Tyler Cardon said. “Jason is authentic, entertaining, and fearless, all of which make him a perfect fit for the Blaze Media brand. He also has great vision and an extraordinary ability to cut through the noise. We’re also excited to be broadening our programming to include a daily show about sports and culture, and to be able to chart that territory with a singular talent like Jason is an honor.”

The Fearless vertical will expand to also include a second podcast highlighting Whitlock’s friendship with Dodds, as well as a writing platform with contributing reporters.

“The mission statement of the Fearless Project is simple: We’re a digital media platform dedicated to promoting a culture of fearlessness, free speech, truth-seeking and American patriotism,” Whitlock wrote in an op-ed. “We will accomplish our mission by critiquing, lampooning and probing the events shaping conversations around sports, race and popular culture.”

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