How Young Sailors Use Hydrofoil Racing to Prepare for the America’s Cup

Competing for—and, better, winning—the America’s Cup is a dream for every sailor. First though, you need to prove you’re worthy. Red Bull visited high-speed hydrofoil sailing races in Newport, Rhode Island, where elite young sailors from around the world tried to take a key step towards proving themselves worthy of seeking the Cup (and making it as professionals).

It isn’t an easy task. They need to handle vessels that, thanks to their sleek and incredibly efficient designs, can achieve some of the greatest speeds you’ll ever behold from the motor-free set. In the video at the bottom, you can see them actually traveling at triple the wind speed.

Of course, the downside to these speeds is that any error in judgment is swiftly punished. The cameras capture both boats capsizing and sailors taking a tumble and being left behind in the water.

Discover how sailors can eschew engines and still get some serious speed in the video below.

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