Super Bowl Winner Chris Jones Reveals How He Got Under Tom Brady’s Skin

Jones made Brady angry by calling him an "old-ass motherf*cker"

Super Bowl Winner Shares How He Got Under Tom Brady’s Skin
Chris Jones exchanges words with Tom Brady. (Adam Glanzman/Getty)
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During an appearance on Pardon My Take this week, Super Bowl-winning defensive lineman Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs said the key to rattling Tom Brady has nothing to do with blitzing him up the middle or knocking him to the ground.

No, the key, according to Jones, to getting under the six-time Super Bowl winner’s skin is calling him old.

“You say how you feel to him. If he on the ground, you call him an old-ass mother f*cker,” Jones said. “Or, ‘Get your old ass up.’ or, ‘You need to f*cking retire.’ So any time I’m able to say anything to a quarterback after I hit him – I don’t even have to hit you. I’ll just come to you and talk sh*t.”

Jones put his tactics to work during Kansas City’s win over the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in December during a game where Brady completed just 19-of-36 passes for 169 yards and one touchdown and one interception.

Brady and Jones got into it on the field, but what was said will remain between them.

“I’m going to leave that undisclosed,” Jones said. “Brady is a good guy. He cussed me out, but I loved it. But that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Brady cuss a D-lineman out. So obviously I was doing something right.”

Whether it is for the Patriots or another NFL team, Brady, who will turn 43 in August, is going to hear that he’s too old a lot next season.

What remains to be seen is if he’ll play like it.

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