Arch Manning, the Family’s Latest Quarterback, Made a Ridiculous Throw at His Clemson Visit

Football's first family isn't done yet

Arch Manning playing for Isidore Newman in November 2019.
Arch Manning playing for Isidore Newman in November 2019.
David E. Klutho /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

He’s got the arm.

Arch Manning, the son of Cooper Manning, grandson to 13-year NFL quarterback Archie Manning, and nephew to league legends Peyton and Eli Manning, looks destined to continue the family tradition. During a visit to Clemson University’s summer football camp last week, Arch dropped a 45-yard dime in the corner of the end zone.

There weren’t any hairy, 300-pound defensive ends in his face, he wasn’t wearing pads or a helmet, and he’s still just 16 years old, but he certainly looks equipped to keep football’s first family in ESPN headlines for the next 20 years.

That throw has already gone viral around the internet, and it’s a sign that the family is finally ready to start acknowledging the youngest Manning’s talent and inevitable celebrity. After years of diligently keeping him out of the spotlight, his grandfather couldn’t help gushing at the end of Arch’s freshman season that he looked “better than Peyton and Eli at the same age.”

And now, Eli is online publicly goofing off over both Arch’s throw and the little ball flip the rising high school junior manages to pull off after making a convincing pump fake. Eli commented: “I taught him that.” (The rest of the internet commented: “No, Peyton did.” Or some variation on “Somewhere, Tom Brady is screaming.”)

When should we expect to see Arch on a national stage? He has two more years at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans (the same high school his dad, uncles and Odell Beckham Jr. attended) before he graduates in 2023. By then he’ll likely have committed to Clemson, LSU or Ole Miss.

Until then, enjoy a likely steady stream of viral throws, and try not to judge the kid too much. Oh, looks like First Take decided to spend the morning debating “Will Arch Manning become the greatest Manning yet?” Too late.

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