Nobody’s Made a Rum Like Brugal’s Latest Expression

Colección Visionaria showcases a brand-new technique called Aromatic Cask Toasting

August 28, 2023 6:00 am
Brugal Colección Visionaria
Brugal Colección Visionaria, available now

What we’re drinking: Brugal Colección Visionaria, Edición 01

Where it’s from: Brugal is a Dominican rum brand that’s been around since 1888 and experienced five generations of Maestros Roneros

Why we’re drinking this: We tried this limited expression at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail — where Brugal threw, IMHO, the best party — and immediately wanted more. So we called up Maestra Ronera Jassil Villanueva Quintana, a fifth-generation descendant of Brugal’s founder’s family (she’s also the youngest master distiller and the first woman in the brand’s history, plus the brains behind the new release).

“This one is an homage and a way to honor our homeland,” she says. The first edition of an ongoing series that will showcase ingredients from the Dominican Republic, Colección Visionaria also showcases a brand-new technique utilized by Villanueva Quintana called Aromatic Cask Toasting (it’s so new, they even have a copyright). Here, she used cacao beans sourced locally and infused toasted casks with their nutty and fruity aromas. 

Brugal Master Distiller Jassil Villanueva Quintana with a glass of rum and behind some rum barrels
Brugal’s Jassil Villanueva Quintana

“We take the rum, a Double Reserve that’s been in bourbon and Oloroso casks first, and then we have these European virgin casks that we infuse with cacao beans and a little bit of fire,” she explains. “Then you take out the beans and put the liquid in for about six months.”

How it tastes: Colección Visionaria comes in at 45% ABV. Overall, this is a wonderful melange of chocolate, orange, caramel, toasted almonds, vanilla and some wood spice and dark fruits, with a rich mouthfeel, full body and a nice long finish. There’s even a hint of tobacco/smoke here, too, which comes in handy for the drink below. 

Fun fact: While excellent neat, we see Colección as ideal for cocktails. The Visionario Cocktail, available at Miami’s Café La Trova  (no. 22 in the World’s 50 Best Bars), was developed by bar manager, Loiver Hernandez Crespo. It’s a boozy mix of Brugal’s new rum, Benedictine and sherry.

Visionario Cocktail
Visionario Cocktail at Café La Trova

Visionario Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 mins

Servings: 1

  • 2 oz. rum Colección Visionaria
  • .75 oz. Gonzalez Byass Nectar PX Dulce
  • .25 oz. Benedictine
  • Orange peel
  • Black cherry, for garnish
  • Instructions
    1. Stir liquid ingredients in a mixing glass, aromatized with orange peel, and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a black cherry.

    2. As Brugal suggests: “For a more elevated experience, pair with an amazing cigar (Sacrificio).” 

Where to buy: Only four batches of Brugal Colección Visionaria, Edición 01 were produced. Bottles are $100 each; you can use Brugal’s site to find a local merchant.


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