The We-Vibe Bond Allows the Foreplay to Start Wherever You (And Your Penis) Happen to Be

Discreet pleasure at home or on the go

We-Vibe Bond sex toy and remote on hot orange background
We-Vibe Bond

In Partnership with We-Vibe

Pleasure products have indisputably gone mainstream. Just look at the plethora of DTC sexual wellness brands offering brightly colored, approachable vibrators. The normalization of sex toys during foreplay and intercourse is great, especially for those with vaginas, who often need the outside help of a mechanical device to reach climax.

But in a turn of events that almost never happens vagina owners are having their needs addressed long before penis owners — specifically when it comes to discreet, hands-free pleasure products like the ubiquitous vibrating panty. Finding a counterpart as universal and subtle for penis owners, however, has been a challenge. Until now, anyway, thanks to the We-Vibe Bond.

The Bond, the first adjustable remote- and app-controlled wearable stimulation ring (think of it as a smartwatch for your penis.) Designed to be worn discreetly, the fully waterproof Bond delivers intense but impressively quiet vibrations, making it the perfect toy to maximize foreplay and heighten arousal, particularly in public settings. And if secretive sensual play isn’t enough to get you going, the Bond also connects to the free We-Connect app, which allows you or your partner to control the device from anywhere while accessing a broad range of intensity levels and vibration patterns. 

Now you might be wondering how is this going to feel on my penis? Not in terms of how much pleasure it will provide — we’ve already established that it will provide much in that department — but in terms of how long can I wear it before my dick feels like it’s going to fall off?. Well, Bond is engineered for comfortable, all-day wear thanks to its smooth, body-safe silicone and ergonomic shape, while the easy-on quick-release design makes it simple to slip on and off. 

And there’s no size discrimination here: The We-Vibe Bond is designed to fit nearly every penis. Using the Custom Fit link, you can seamlessly choose between two sizes for the ideal, snug fit. 

So go forth, find your inner adventurer and take intimacy (and your orgasm) to the next level. Anywhere you choose.

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