5 Things You Should Keep in Your Home If You Want Women to Sleep There

Just a few simple, inexpensive items could make a lasting impression

October 16, 2020 5:00 am
sleeping woman
Help her not regret crashing at your place.
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Early this year, a Twitter user by the name of @DaddyAllDay gave the world one of 2020’s few pre-pandemic memes when he took to the platform to boast about his “lady drawer,” a collection of various grooming and hygiene products he apparently keeps on hand for overnight guests.

This was a pretty weird thing to do, and @DaddyAllDay and his CVS stash were swiftly mocked and memed accordingly. However, while showcasing the contents of one’s “lady drawer” on social media and/or referring to it as such in the first place is ill-advised and cringeworthy, having one isn’t necessarily such a bad idea.

Like owning a proper bed frame instead of a mattress on the floor or making actual plans instead of vaguely asking a woman if she “wants to hang out sometime,” being able to offer an overnight guest some basic amenities like a toothbrush or a makeup wipe signals that you are a competent adult.

Not only is this a relatively cheap and simple way to impress a date or hookup and elevate yourself above the incredibly low bar set for straight men in the dating space, but it will also make whatever woman ends up spending the night at your place feel better about her own choices. She’s not just crashing with some random stranger she met at a bar; she’s spending the night with an adult man with the presence of mind and disposable income to be able to offer her a spare toothbrush. More importantly, having a few spare items on hand will also simply make her stay more comfortable, which is really the whole point in the first place — the image boost for you is just an added benefit.

But wait, you ask, won’t having all this stuff make me look like some kind of Don Juan who sleeps with a different girl every night? Won’t that be a turn-off for the delicate feminine creatures I invite to my bachelor pad? I don’t know, maybe. But for one thing, not all women are neurotic Carrie Bradshaw types cataloguing and overanalyzing your every move from the first moment we make eye-contact. And even if we do get the impression that your ample supply of spare toothbrushes means you’ve had your fair share of sexual partners, the idea that you’ve previously had sex with other people probably isn’t going to be totally shocking to any adult woman who is having sex with you now — at least you should hope not. Contrary to popular stereotypes, not all women are crazed monogamists desperate to lock you down. Some of us just want to fuck you and brush our teeth after.

By the way, many of these items aren’t just handy to have on hand for hookups, either. Even if you’re seeing one special someone on a more regular basis, it can still be convenient for her and considerate of you to keep a small supply of basic items on hand so your partner doesn’t have to keep lugging things back and forth, or feel awkward about encroaching on your space by leaving things behind at your place.

Ultimately, whether you’re bringing home a different hookup every weekend, in a committed relationship or somewhere in between, these are a few simple, inexpensive items that will make the women who end up in your bed a little more comfortable, and probably a little more willing to end up there again.

1. A Toothbrush

We’ve talked about this. Just keep a few disposable toothbrushes on hand. They can literally be the free ones you get from the dentist. And if you’re planning on seeing someone multiple times, it can actually be kind of a cute gesture for them to have a specific toothbrush at your place — just make sure it doesn’t get used by any other overnight guests who happen to stay over in the interim.

2. Face wash/makeup wipes

As we’ve discussed, you should own face wash. If you do own face wash, great, anyone who stays over your place can probably just use that. (N.B. Shampoo, body wash or baby wipes do not count as face wash.) But since, unfortunately, you probably don’t own face wash, maybe invest in a package of makeup remover wipes so your date/hookup can at least go to sleep without destroying your pillow cases

3. Contact solution (and a spare case)

If this overnight stay is premeditated, your guest will probably bring her own supplies. But if you happen to woo a stranger at a bar or take someone home after a surprisingly successful first date, chances are she didn’t think to cram a bottle of contact solution into her tiny going-out bag. Sleeping in most contacts is a bad idea. It’s probably the number one thing most of us lie to our eye doctors about. Yes, we’ve all done it, but the fewer times you have to do it, the better. If you yourself are a contacts wearer, you probably already have contact solution, so by keeping a couple spare cases on hand, you could be the hero standing between your hookup and long-term damage to their ocular health.

4. A hair brush and hair ties

Sex hair might look cute and sexy during your post-coital cuddle or morning coffee, but it looks a lot less cute to strangers on the subway or coworkers at the office. A hairbrush and hair tie can work wonders, and the latter can come in handy during certain sex acts as well.

5. Tampons

You knew this one was coming. In general, I tend to think that women are more than capable of procuring our own menstrual hygiene products and am bored and slightly annoyed every time someone tweets a picture of a man purchasing tampons with a heart eyes emoji and hails him as some kind of feminist hero. That said, every once in a while, a woman will find herself unprepared, and when you need a tampon, you need a tampon. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, purchasing a box of tampons doesn’t have to be some kind of grand symbolic gesture of feminist solidarity. It can just be a convenient hygiene product to have on hand should you be lucky enough to have a menstruating woman cross your threshold.

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