Take It From a Woman: She Wants You to Buy Her Botox

Give her the gift of Botox this year. No, really.

December 21, 2021 5:59 am
A Barbie doll sits in a chair with a needle near her head, suggesting a Botox injection
Yes, Botox is a good gift
Peter Dazeley

In need of a last-minute Christmas gift for the lucky, cosmetically conscious lady in your life? Might I suggest giving the gift of Botox this year? 

I can understand why some men may be hesitant to gift their significant other an injectable reminder that they’re aging and it shows. But in recent years, Botox and other injectables (under-eye fillers, lip fillers, etc.) have undergone a major glow-up from shameful celebrity secret to must-have beauty accessory for people of all ages — and yes, dudes are getting it, too. For most people these days, Botox isn’t some kind of vanity-fueled cosmetic procedure for high-maintenance housewives on reality TV, but simply another part of their beauty and/or self-care regimen. 

Today, few women are still coy about what we’re putting in our faces, and while it would of course be preferable to live in a society that did not hold women to an impossible standard of eternal youth, at least the one we do live in has finally stopped shaming us for trying to conform to those standards. If anything, getting Botox (even as young as your 20s) is kind of a flex these days, because the only thing better than naturally aging well (by which I of course mean slowly and unnoticeably) is flaunting the fact that you have the cash to temporarily freeze your face in time. 

But if there’s one thing we ladies love more than spending copious amounts of money on our faces in an attempt to maintain an appearance youthful enough to still be considered valid members of society after age 30, it’s spending someone else’s money on it. After all, if we have to inject a literal toxin into our faces just to keep you from cheating on us with a teenager while society permits men to sit around aging like fine wine, the least you could do is pay for it. 

Just kidding (kind of). But seriously, while Botox is no big deal, it is a pretty pricey addition to most women’s beauty routines, one most would probably love to have taken care of as a gift from time to time. (Or, you know, all the time, if you happen to have it in your budget.) 

Below, some expert tips on if, when and how to give the gift of Botox this year. 

When is it a good idea to gift Botox?

If I am your girlfriend, the answer is all the time, forever. (And under-eye fillers, too, please.) Otherwise, I would say it’s probably best to give Botox as a gift only if the woman in your life is already receiving Botox treatments, or has expressed a clear interest in trying them. 

Again, most women are past keeping our Botox and other cosmetic procedures a secret, so if the woman in your life is getting it or has any interest in getting it, she’s probably mentioned it. Not only will the gift of Botox help lighten her financial beauty burden, but it will also show that you listen, pay attention and genuinely care about the things she does to feel her best. 

“Nothing speaks more to a woman than a man who appreciates and supports his significant other’s beauty and how she chooses to maintain herself,” says Cece Davis, an aesthetic nurse practitioner at SkinSpirit, a cosmetic clinic providing comprehensive aesthetic services at various locations throughout the US. “Botox gifted to your partner is a beautiful way to say, ‘I love your confidence when you feel beautiful and I want to support you.’”

When is it not a good idea to gift Botox?

Obviously, if the lady in your life has never once expressed any interest in Botox, it’s probably best to steer clear of giving it as a gift. 

“If Botox is a first-time gift for the partner and she’s never received any injectable treatments in the past, this could potentially be perceived as the husband trying to get a sneaky point across that his lady needs to kick up her self care a bit,” says Davis. “Unless Botox has been a prior conversation and something you as the husband knows personally she’s interested in doing, your thoughtful gift could come off as not so thoughtful and more so insulting.”

If you’re unsure, it may be best to ask her friends or close family members for their opinion, or to test the waters by casually bringing up Botox. (Feel free to use this article on Botox for men that you “just happened to stumble upon” as a subtle segue.)

“If it’s your partner’s first time, be gentle in your approach and ensure it’s something she’s interested in in the first place,” says Davis, who also recommends offering to accompany your lady to a first-time appointment as well. 

How, exactly, does one give Botox as a gift? 

Just so we’re clear, Botox isn’t something you can buy at Sephora and wrap in a box. It’s a cosmetic procedure performed by a professional in a licensed medical environment. Fortunately, it can often be gifted by way of gift cards. 

“Most reputable clinics offer gift cards in dollar amounts that can be used towards Botox services,” says Davis. But how much money should you gift? According to Davis, the average dose and dollar amount can vary greatly from person to person, but she recommends starting with a baseline of at least $500 to be safe. If there’s extra left over, she can always put it towards her next appointment or a different treatment.

As for picking a place from which to purchase that gift card, Davis suggests asking your significant other’s friends for their recommendations (and for places they wouldn’t recommend). 

“Additionally, research the clinic, the providers and ensure you are seeing licensed medical professionals operating in a licensed medical clinic,” says Davis. “Research on social media is helpful to see the injectors’ work first hand and the consistency in their outcomes.”

Of course, if the woman you’re shopping for is already getting Botox, just figure out where she gets it and stick with that location. Chances are she’s already done her own research and likes her current provider for a reason.

Since it’s a gift, I might also suggest putting a metaphorical ribbon on top by making a day of it. Offer to go with her to the appointment — especially if it’s her first time, as Davis suggested — and take her out afterwards so she can show off that youthful glow. Just kidding, Botox actually takes about three to seven days to take full effect. Still, it is a quick procedure with virtually no recovery time — barring a slight chance of headaches in the first 24 to 48 hours — so she’ll most likely be more than ready for a romantic little post-Botox date. Dinner and a movie is out. In 2022, we’re doing dinner and Botox.

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