Early Reports Say New ‘Self-Lubricating’ Condom Is a Game-Changer

Courtesy of Bill and Melinda Gates! (Sort of.)

October 22, 2018 9:00 am

Bill and Melinda Gates: beloved American arbiters of tech innovations, charitable donations, book recs and … self-lubricating condoms?

That’s right. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation holds a series of Global Grand Challenges — essentially competitions to earn research grants — and one of them sought innovation in the realm of condoms. 

A team of scientists answered the call and recently published their proposal in the Royal Society Open Science on what the “next generation” of condoms could look like. 

Their findings? Pretty, pretty fascinating. In an effort that’ll hopefully stop idiots everywhere once and for all from uttering “it just doesn’t feel as good,” their condom prototype utilizes a a self-lubricating layer of “hydrophilic polymers” that can withstand “1,000 cycles” of use. In plain speak: it can stand up to 15 minutes in flagrante delicto without getting too dry. 

The hope is that a better, more celebrated condom would not only help your lovemaking longer, but also encourage those shirking their contraceptive duties to keep one on hand, and keep STDs/unplanned pregnancies at bay.   

Read more on the initiative here.

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