An Extremely Sophisticated Couples’ Ring Just Dropped

With Maude’s latest launch, you can bring style and intensified pleasure into the bedroom

September 15, 2023 10:59 am
Meet Band.
Meet Band.

We’ve discussed why vibrators are a necessary add-on during intercourse with a vulva owner, but there’s a big wide world of sexual wellness accessories and toys also equipped to help spice up things in the bedroom and ensure every party is satisfied. 

Take, for example, the cock ring.

Penis rings, cock rings, couples’ rings (whatever your flavor) are worn for a number of reasons. You can use them to maintain an erection, make an erection harder, heighten sensation or help you last longer. Some have simple, silicone, no-fuss designs, while others are a bit more sophisticated and feature various vibration patterns — perfect for couples’ play. 

Now, if this is your first foray into stretching a ring over your shaft and balls, you might be a little scared? Hesitant? Confused about which make and model is right for you, your penis and your partner? With a crop of cock rings on the market, we’re here to help you weed through the many circle-shaped playthings and direct you toward a ring that has it all.

This week, Maude launched “Band,” the brand’s first device designed specifically with partnered use in mind.

Founded in 2018 by Éva Goicochea, a former healthcare legislative aide and brand strategist, Maude was one of the first brands to put intimacy and inclusivity at the forefront of selling sex products. Maude’s catalog is filled with neutral-colored, genderless and reasonably priced vibrators and other sexual wellness devices, lubricants, condoms and bath/body essentials. 

And like the rest of Maude’s sexual health offerings, Band follows that same design ethos. The new vibrating ring is a sleek, sophisticated, charcoal-colored device that’s discreet enough to keep on a bedside table. You might also note that Band has a unique shape that’s noticeably different from other rings on the market. The patent-pending design and stretchable, FDA-grade silicone design ensure a comfortable, flexible fit. 

As for its main feature, Band offers five varying speeds of vibrations, making it perfect for simultaneous stimulation during partnered sex. We recently had the opportunity to check out the new vibrating ring ourselves and can confirm the silicone device feels impressively soft and smooth against the skin. And unlike some other toys that are overloaded with features and a multitude of controls, Band keeps it simple with one single button that controls the on/off settings and the five-speed vibrations.

Maude’s new vibrating ring on display.
Band and Stay, Maude’s recently launched desensitizing spray.

Band retails for $52, a nice middle-of-the-road price point if you’re looking for a simple, yet functional ring. It might not be as high-tech as Lelo’s $159 vibrating couples’ ring, but Band remains an elevated and approachable device, ideal for couples looking to introduce new, heightened sensations into the bedroom.

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