Is Cake a Sex Thing?

The first issue of "Cake Zine" is here, and it's all about the ever overlapping worlds of cake and sex.

A black forest cake with a large slice cut out
Black forest cake, the sexiest of all cakes
Lauri Patterson

Generally speaking, cake is something we associate with celebrations: birthdays, weddings, a coworker’s last day in the office, etc. But on another level, cake is also something we associate with sex. Erotic bakeries make cakes that look like penises and other sexual (or sexualized) body parts. In certain contexts, attractive women in various states of undress have been known to pop out of giant cakes in a seductive manner. To “eat cake,” in some circles, is even used as slang for various oral sex acts, namely rimming but sometimes cunnilingus as well, and let’s not forget Rihanna’s horny ode to birthday sex double entendre, in which she simply chants the word “cake” for an entire verse.

This perhaps surprising yet ubiquitous overlap between sex and cake is the subject of a new zine exploring the rich history of dessert and pop culture. Created by food editor and writer Aliza Abarbanel and Tanya Bush, a baker and writer, the first issue of the aptly named Cake Zine explores the intertwining worlds of cake and sex through a series of art, writing and recipes that examine “how cakes have tempted and tantalized us since the dawn of dessert.”

The first issue, out now and currently available for purchase online, offers a deep dive into the history of erotica, baking and dessert, featuring essays and interviews on some of the biggest cake sex moments in history. The 68-page collection of essays, poetry, recipes and art includes a historical exploration and critique of phallic cakes, an essay on “cake as a form of seduction,” and an interview with illustrious artist and sex worker Lindsay Dye, who is perhaps best known for her work in cake-sitting — which is, yes, sitting on cakes.

Dubbed “Sexy Cake,” Cake Zine‘s inaugural issue also features a provocative photo essay, horny cake poetry and a glimpse into the world of erotic bakeries and online cake smut, which is of course a thing that exists. In short, yes, cake is very much a sex thing, and Cake Zine‘s first issue proves there’s a lot more to the dessert’s sex appeal than phallic confections.


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